Drape & Treatment


We will transform your venue into a magnificent and memorable space to be admired by all your guests…

Here at Event Elements we have an exceptional understanding for the importance of achieving the right setting for your special day. Some venues need a bit of help when it comes to creating a warm, beautiful setting. To help set the tone we will simply lower ceilings with perfectly draped cloth along with up-lighting the surrounding walls with striking colours of your choice. We take great pride in all our installations to make your venue complete perfection.

Along with our on-site installation we will work closely with you beforehand to gain an understanding of your unique individual requirements. We will provide you with different effect options and colours that can be implemented using our drapes. The benefit of using a family run business is that we will cater to your every need and always be at the end of the phone when you need us. We don’t have hundreds of employees we are also able to offer extremely competitive prices and where needed setup a payment plan which many clients have found very beneficial as their big day approaches. Communication is key to making sure your event is a success. 

We do offer a wide range of different patterns, fabric styles and colors.  Backdrops are available as well

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